2248 Musical

2248 Musical is a simple but extremely addictive puzzle game. Your goal is to combine squares of the same number to create the number 2248 and collect the highest score. But the difference is that every time you combine the tiles, music will play. This creates a unique and enjoyable experience. This game, combining music and skills, can help you practice your logical thinking ability with meticulous analysis at every turn. Players need a smart combination strategy to be able to clear as many blocks as possible.

The rules of 2248 Musical are extremely simple and easy to understand. You just need to create a larger number when connecting identical numbers on the same row, column, or diagonal. Gamers can absolutely connect multiple points at the same time, as long as the connection line is valid according to the above rules. The higher the number of blocks, the higher your score. When you cannot combine any more blocks, your round ends, and you receive the corresponding bonus points. Players can use in-game coins to buy some accessories, such as hammers, changing block positions, exploding bombs, or doubling any value.

How To Play

First of all, look closely at the location with the most similar blocks. You should prioritize small values if they are below the main game board. That is, your strategy should be to place blocks with larger numbers at the bottom. You use the mouse to select the first block, then drag it to valid positions to merge. The newly generated number will be the sum of all the values you just selected.

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