Geometry Dash Lite

Don’t miss out on Geometry Dash Lite if you love the catchy game Geometry Dash! Lead the character through a variety of obstacles and get to the finish line!

Show off your superb timing skills and lightning-fast reflexes with Geometry Dash Lite, a fan-made game based on the extremely popular rhythm-based title Geometry Dash! Become a tiny character with only one action, which is hopping three times its height, and utilize it to get past a series of obstacles. From simple levels to difficult ones with almost no room for error, be prepared to face different challenges with gradual difficulty!

Just like in the original game, in Geometry Dash Lite, players control the character with one single button, which is either the spacebar or the left mouse button. In all levels, the main objective is to lead the character to the end without coming into contact with any obstacles. This includes walls, spikes, or basically anything that looks suspicious enough. If you are unsure, don’t worry about bumping into them, since the worst that can happen is playing the level from the beginning, and you probably have done that plenty of times already!

New Features

  • New robot character form.
  • New Teleport Portal.
  • New blocks and spikes, key reactions, and simplified block-moving.
  • New Maps

Game Modes

There are two modes available for each level:

  • Normal Mode: The character needs to reach the end of the level without colliding with anything; otherwise, the level’s progress resets.
  • Practice Mode: The game places checkpoints regularly as you progress through a level, or you can also place them yourself. Whenever you crash into something, you will start again at the closest checkpoint. Unfortunately, the super catchy song for each level doesn’t play in this mode.

As you progress through each level, you will discover additional mechanics, such as portals that transform your character into different forms or portals that affect its moving direction. Additionally, if you are confident in your skills, try to seek out the three secret coins in each level. They are often placed in tricky places, so you may want to use the Practice Mode to discover them first! Try to collect them once you are confident in your skills!

The Comprehensive List of Geometry Dash Lite Levels

Geometry Lite introduces players to a total of 10 levels. If you are a new player, it is highly recommended to play the levels in consecutive order since they have all already been sorted based on the progressive difficulty. In fact, there is a small emoji in each level whose expression turns from being easy-going in the first level to absolutely infuriating in the later level!

  • Stereo Dash (Easy, 1 ⭐): The easiest level of the game, which gives players the opportunity to practice jumping and overcoming basic obstacles.
  • Let’s Go (Easy, 2 ⭐): Leap higher with the Jump Pads! However, depending on where they are placed, they can be both useful and dangerous.
  • Gravitational (Normal, 3 ⭐): The level introduces the Jump Rings, which can make the character perform high jumps when activated.
  • Drought (Normal, 4 ⭐): Climb the ceiling with Gravity Portals! Whenever your character passes through them, its gravity is reversed. 
  • Step After Step (Hard, 5 ⭐): While no new mechanics are introduced, players will have to rely on what they have learned so far to effectively avoid all obstacles.
  • Never Give Up (Hard, 6 ⭐): The first level that will put your timing skills to the test. Be extra accurate with your jumps in order to complete the level!
  • Step Jump (Harder, 7 ⭐): There are no new mechanics to discover, but this level requires players to be extremely attentive with obstacles.
  • Teleporter (Harder, 8 ⭐): Go in the opposite direction with Mirror Portals! Your character will move to the other side whenever it passes these portals.
  • Cyclestep (Harder, 9 ⭐): Shift gravity at will with the Ball form!
  • xAdventures (Insane, 10 ⭐): The first real challenge players will come across. Also, there are additional decorations from this level on.

Coming soon:

  • Clutterfunk (Insane, 11 ⭐): Shrink your character with Size Portals!
  • Theory of Everything (Insane, 12 ⭐): Become a hopping UFO ship and try your best to follow the directional clues in the level!
  • Electroman Adventures (Insane, 13 ⭐): Now you can break past special blocks (which do not appear very frequently)!
  • Clubstep (Demon, 14 ⭐): One of the hardest levels in Geometry Lite. While there is nothing new to be learned, expect a series of maneuvers with little room for error!
  • Electrodynamix (Insane, 12 ⭐): If you think your character is already moving too fast, prepare to move even faster with Speed Portals!
  • Hexagon Force (Insane, 12 ⭐): In addition to slopes, sometimes you will need to take care of two characters at once with Dual Portals!
  • Blast Processing (Harder, 10 ⭐): Move in extremely fast zig-zag lines with the Wave form of your character!
  • Theory of Everything 2 (Demon, 14 ⭐): Having no new mechanics also means that the level is extremely difficult. Be prepared to make countless attempts to complete the level!
  • Geometrical Dominator (Harder, 10 ⭐): Hop at various heights with the Robot form! Otherwise, it is just your average super-hard level!
  • Deadlocked (Demon, 15 ⭐): The hardest level of Geometry Lite, Deadlocked requires the most precision out of all the levels you have encountered.

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