Bubble Monster

Bubble Monster is a world where you will face formidable enemies in bubbles! Your mission is to defeat them, save the world, and become the hero everyone will remember. Don't underestimate the power of beautiful balloons. If they erupt, extraordinary opponents will land on your planet and wreak havoc everywhere. Do everything you can to stop this rampaging attack by taking them down before the bubble bursts.

Your score in Bubble Monster is calculated based on the number of monsters you destroy. Quickly detect enemies and attack them in order of appearance, so as not to miss them or create more time for them to counterattack. One wrong position can also take away your score and create an opportunity for your opponent to jump down. You won't be able to do anything to them once they land, so be careful. In addition, players will not be able to know in advance where to attack next. Therefore, be highly focused and promptly improvise in any situation. Complete eight maps one after another with limited time for each round, surviving to become the number one hero of the beautiful planet.

How To Play

You click on enemies to defeat them. It sounds simple, but if you press too many keys, points will be deducted. The number of monsters will appear more and more, bringing an ultimate challenge to your reactions. Try to maintain until the end of time to win gloriously!

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