Doodle Drop

Doodle Drop is not just an ordinary platform game but also a colorful and magical adventure. In this game, you will lead a cute little character through endless stairs, step by step, overcoming tough and unexpected challenges. The gameplay of Doodle Drop is simple but extremely addictive. You just need to press and hold to maneuver your character, but don't rush because each step needs to be considered and precise to avoid falling into traps or losing control.

On your journey of exploration, you'll discover special gifts like colorful rubik's cubes and sparkling stars. Take every opportunity to collect them by landing accurately and thoroughly. With each reward you collect, you'll unlock new looks for your character, from fun outfits to unique hats. Choose a character you love and start your unlimited adventure with Doodle Drop today! Ready to discover fun and excitement?

How To Play

The platforms will move your cube continuously to both sides of the screen. To jump down the stairs below, just click on the screen. Pay attention to aligning the falling position so that the character can collect as many gifts as possible! You will have three collision chances before the round actually ends. Prove your top abilities with impressive scores!

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