Falling Dash

The squared characters are falling from the sky in Falling Dash, and they need your help! At this rate, some of them will hit the spike below! Fortunately, you have the ability to move the line of spikes constantly, so all of the characters can pass through the gaps in between safely! How long can you keep up before a character accidentally hits a spike?

Falling Dash is a simple yet addictive game that provides a fun way to test your reflexes! At the beginning of the game, you can see numerous characters falling from above, with spikes at the bottom of the screen. There are spikes and blank gaps in between, which can change positions once you click the left mouse button. With this, players can help every character fall past the spikes, so none of them gets hurt. Beware, though; the longer you play, the more frequently the characters fall, so you better be quick on your hands!

How To Play

Click to change the spikes into gaps and vice versa.

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