Friday Night Funki Noob

Friday Night Funki Noob is a combination of music-themed gameplay with Minecraft world design. Are you ready to dance and groove to popular electronic tunes in an exciting rhythm game? Prepare for a colorful and unique musical adventure where you can show off your dancing skills and face off against stylish characters!

This game has twelve levels and players need to unlock them one by one by winning the previous round. You will participate in dancing competitions with unique and interesting characters, from street break dancers to super DJs and even mythical characters.

Gameplay and controls

Your mission is to keep track of the musical notes with arrows drifting up from the bottom of the screen. Then, press the keys according to these characters to score points. The speed at which the notes move is amazing. Watch the icon on the slider; when this object moves and the slider turns completely green, you win. On the contrary, if you miss many notes, the slider will gradually turn red and cause a game over. Don't worry, you can improve with each precise key press you make!

Some advice for you

  • Replay a level multiple times before moving on to the next round, even after unlocking it.
  • Listen to the music to feel the beat and catch the right rhythm of the notes.
  • Place your hands on the controller so that every key can be used immediately without affecting other keys.
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