Geometry Dash Aether

Geometry Dash Aether is a user-level game in the Geometry Dash universe with 6-star of the Harder difficulty from developer Szilu. The rhythm-based gameplay features complexly designed roads that are difficult puzzles for any player. Your every key press will be in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the background music. Get ready for an exciting adventure with dazzling character changes. Control an initial cube, you will have to overcome a series of different obstacles to reach the finish line.

Discover the main track

In Geometry Dash Aether, you will start your journey with the cube in a location with a series of platforms with scattered spikes. Notice right from the start that there is a speed bump. As soon as the character reaches this position, you need to press the key to immediately jump up, touch a blue cushion, a blue orb, and jump up from the platform to avoid spikes three times in a row. The terrain is maintained until you enter segments of molten rivers and waterfalls. Dangerous lava flows are ready to burn any object if they touch them. You do this part with the ship's state and gravity changing twice. Next comes the wave section, with a few deep slopes and a short, narrow space needing straight flight.

Return to the cube state, then go through a robot brief and move on to the UFO segment. The space now seems to expand more, with some blocks appearing on both sides of the terrain. Some gravity portals appear that require gamers' concentration to promptly adapt to the transition. The minicube section then has nearly the same terrain as the first section. After passing through a ball-mounted passage, the character reaches a narrow, dark hallway that can only be slid straight in ship form. Exiting the tunnel, you will immediately come to the spider part. At this time, using cushions and jumping orbs is extremely necessary for moving. Geometry Dash Aether ends after the character avoids the last two spikes, touches a yellow cushion, and leaps to the finish line.

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