Geometry Dash Fisy

Geometry Dash Fisy is a user-level game in the Geometry Dash universe with 6-star Harder difficulty. Creator NukeIIX designed the map with a series of tricky shapes. Your goal is to guide the cube through obstacles and complex terrain to the finish line. In addition, you can completely conquer the game when you discover and collect a single user coin. Let's take a look at a few highlights of this journey!

Take a look around the map

Geometry Dash Fisy starts with a short slide in the ship's narrow tunnel. Immediately after exiting this path, you need to maneuver the character to fly up and down continuously to avoid the cogs and move to the ball part. After the character returns to the cube state, you need to immediately jump once and drop the entity to touch a yellow orb. The round continues with the mini-ship section after a reversed gravity cube segment. At this point, players need to control the main object through the debris for a short distance and continue the cube section with nearly similar terrain to the previous section.

The robot part takes place in an extremely eye-catching parallel-world context. You navigate the main entity to jump on platforms and orbs to avoid spikes and not fall down. Gamers continued with a constant speed of UFO passage through jagged arcs. In the second unclosed circle in the upper terrain is the only coin of this level. After the cube and spider segments, the pace of the round continues to increase. Complex shapes resembling the shape of wooden boxes will cover the entire map. The final acceleration with the ball and the robot ends with a few jumps up the character's colorful stairs and portal.

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