Geometry Dash Megalodon

Enter the dangerous map of Geometry Dash Megalodon and experience the iconic rhythm-based gameplay! This user-level game was created by Subwoofer with 10-star Easy Demon difficulty. During this journey, you can also search and collect a unique user coin to further perfect your conquest. The roads take you back to prehistoric times with their wild and remote landscapes. Are you ready for an adventure back in time?

Explore the main track

Through the portal of time, go back to ancient times with your cube. Don't let the beautiful scenery distract you from your main mission. Make good use of colorful orbs to make your character's jumps more effective. Pay attention to the green orbs because they will cause the character's gravity to reverse. In addition to reflexes, players also have to be sharp-eyed to detect sharp obstacles. A dark space will limit your vision.

Of course, Geometry Dash Megalodon will include an ocean exploration component. Let's explore and see if you can encounter the huge shark monster. Is this a scary giant? But first, we must avoid complicated constructions here. Don't be negligent, because the wave segment will have some transfer portals that will make you unable to react in time. Continue your journey through museums and archives to reach the volcanic land. Except for the mountains with red flames above, the rest are safe to land on. This user-level game concludes with an obstacle course on a straight track.

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