Geometry Dash Overcast

Geometry Dash Overcast is a user-level game from developer HaoN with 7 stars of the Harder difficulty. Entering a world of complex shapes, your task is to guide the tiny cube to the end. It's not simple because the challenges on the adventure map are extremely awkward. Not only is it about concentration, but this is also a round of amazing skills. Let's learn about the terrain in this game!

Explore the main track

Geometry Dash Overcast opens with the familiar terrain of high walls on both sides of the terrain with scattered sharp spikes. At 6%, right when moving through a yellow portal, players control the character to jump up to collect the first coin. You need to catch the jumping rings to avoid making the character fall. Pay attention to the quick gravity transitions to rotate the view. New terrain opens up in the UFO segment. Barriers like a warning symbol appeared, with spikes covering the surface.

The following section is an acceleration section with some transformations of the main entity in terms of shape and gravity. The cube at the beginning of this section has a second coin at position 44%. Then there is a section of double blocks and short waves that is extremely difficult. You need to practice a lot to be able to pass this segment. The map design stays put for quite a while until the cube makes a jump over a series of floating bricks. After a short journey, gamers can see the final coin appear at position 93%. You just need to control the speedy moving wave to collect. The Overcast also ends shortly after with two quick transformations into the main entity's ball and the ship.

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