Geometry Dash Rico

Geometry Dash Rico will push you into a struggle with your fingers and divine keystrokes. Get ready for an adventure through a map full of complex obstacles. This is a user-level game with 7-star Harder difficulty from developer Alkali. The challenges you will face on this journey are extremely surprising but no less fascinating. Let's see what experiences it will have!

Explore the main track

This game, which takes just under two minutes to complete, will open with the familiar cube segment. You control the object to continuously jump onto a block or wall to avoid spikes. Pay attention to some pads and rings because they will make the character's movements more difficult to control. The speed then gradually increases, with the terrain not changing much. Just before going into mini-state, you can spot the first coin. Geometry Dash Rico continues with the brief ball segment and moves on to the ship, the cube, the wave, and the UFO combo consecutively.

What's interesting about this map is that there are blue and white triangular designs in the background. Players can control objects to move according to their design. Be especially careful with some parts that have bright white light because it will affect your vision. The round has a mini-block segment with a series of blocks covering the map and jumping rings now play an important role in each character's jump. Interwoven in this section is a fast wave that can easily make you lose. A normal cube drop will slow the round down and you can collect a second coin at this stage. The round also ends a short time later with the character's jumps on blocks and rings.

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