Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast

Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast is the 10-star Easy Demon difficulty-level player round of the Geometry Dash universe. Creators Woom and Kyhros have created a round that will immerse you in an overwhelming light party. Only expert players can conquer this irreversible adventure. If you are a professional Dasher and are on your way to conquering the highest difficulties in this series, this is the ideal choice.

Explore the main track

Geometry Dash Spectrum opens with a double-speed cube section that traverses the terrain of platforms covered in spikes and saw blades. Note that you should ignore the first red ring so as not to hit the saw blade above it. The map changes with walls moving from both sides of the terrain. At this point, you need to navigate the UFO up and down at a moderate pace to avoid collisions. The ship part then adds some slopes but there isn't too much of a difference.

After a similar cube section, you enter the fast wave segment. The map now only has steep slopes and some defined blocks in the middle of the terrain. You need to control the wave to avoid gears and collisions with slope surfaces. Continuing is the UFO segment, with triple the speed and terrain similar to the previous part and the addition of many cogs. The ball will then require extreme concentration because of the constant change in gravity with each click. The pace of the round will slow down for a moment as it builds momentum for the triple-speed section that follows. Geometry Dash Spectrum ends after an extended ship segment with moving shapes covering both sides of the terrain.

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