Geometry Dash The Nightmare

Geometry Dash The Nightmare takes you on a spooky adventure in a creepy world full of challenges. The game's scary music sets the mood as you navigate through tricky levels. You'll face all sorts of scary obstacles, from dodging traps to beating creepy enemies. Each level gets scarier as you go, revealing secrets along the way. With its intense gameplay and cool graphics, this game will keep you hooked. Get ready for a thrilling ride and face your fears in Geometry Dash The Nightmare!


  • Navigate your character through the levels while avoiding obstacles like spikes, saws, and other hazards.
  • Jump and maneuver your character with precise timing to overcome obstacles and progress through each level.
  • Gather orbs scattered throughout the levels to increase your score and unlock bonuses.
  • Be on the lookout for traps that can catch you off guard, such as sudden drops or moving platforms.
  • Avoid touching enemies or hazards, as they will cause you to fail the level and start over.
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