Geometry Dash Time Travel

Geometry Dash Time Travel takes you through historical timelines, from prehistoric times to the distant future. Each stage will bring unique challenges with unique designs and background music, creating a new and surprising experience. With a 5-star Hard difficulty, this user-level game from creator Peton requires you to have skilled character control skills, quick reflexes, and good memory. The obstacles are densely arranged and interwoven at high speed, giving you no time to hesitate. Also, try to collect 3 user coins to make the achievement even more impressive.

Discover the main map

The opening of Geometry Dash Time Travel is a wild prehistoric scene with a few simple jumps of the cube. The robot part that follows is not too difficult, with tall columns and lots of space to move. After moving through a series of hidden portals, players reach the ship section with moving platforms from both sides of the terrain. Right before a transition portal, let your character fall down a pillar next to a spiked obstacle to collect the first coin.

The UFO and the cube segment then progress quickly until the pace of the round increases in the ship state of the object. The terrain doesn't change much, but the character's movement speed is the biggest challenge. A UFO segment takes place in the middle of the ship sequence with the appearance of the second coin. Pay attention when moving through gravity and size portals to quickly adapt. Still double speed and cube state. You need to control the character to jump up a series of moving columns and reach the simple robot part. You'll get the last Geometry Dash Time Travel coin here and reach the finish line.

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