Hatching Nursery

Hatching Nursery invites you on a magical adventure into the world of caring for special eggs. Here, you will participate in nurturing potential eggs, waiting for them to hatch and become unique creatures. From powerful fire dragons to adorable little monsters, each creature brings you a unique and exciting experience.

Playing as a real nurse, your mission is to care for and protect the eggs from all dangers so they can grow strongly. You will need to provide enough food and ideal living conditions for the egg to grow, while also facing challenges and dangers from the surrounding environment. Spend time building and managing your farm, from building barns to growing food for your creatures. Every time a mission is completed, a delicious fruit will be provided. You use this item to grow your unique pet. Along with that, you will also have the opportunity to visit new lands, discover new creatures, and continue to grow your epic collection.

Hatching Nursery is not only an entertaining game but also an opportunity for you to experience the magic of nature and create memorable memories with special creatures.

How To Play

With all missions in this game, players can use the mouse to operate. Each challenge will have different navigation requirements, so explore for yourself to win!

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