Magic Dash

Get ready for the most thrilling running sequence ever with Magic Dash! This endless runner game will give players plenty of challenges as they try to get past a series of obstacles. There are many types of them, each of which requires a special skill to overcome! How long will you be able to stay on track?

Magic Dash gives players the chance to become a cubed character who possesses very special skills. He can jump, roll, and dash extremely quickly. These skills are crucial in trying to get past the obstacles on the way, and players have very little time to decide which skill to use. Fortunately, at the beginning, the game gives a brief instruction on how to use each skill, so you will know the basics before jumping straight to the track!

How To Play

  • Jump by pressing the up arrow key.
  • Roll down by pressing the down arrow key.
  • Dash quickly by pressing the right arrow key.
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