Melodic Tiles

Melodic Tiles takes you to the music arena in an engaging puzzle game with innovative gameplay. Enjoy the catchy tunes and start your decoding mission row block series. These objects all bear the image of a musical symbol. Your goal is to clear the entire block by finding locations for similar entities. The rules of the game are extremely simple but bring no small challenge. Players need to calculate which move to make first for the most optimal outcome. Falling blocks that come into contact with equivalent blocks will automatically be destroyed.

Melodic Tiles rounds will open one by one when you complete the tasks in the previous round. During your turn, there will be a certain number of buffs, such as changing the position of blocks or bombs that destroy blocks. However, do not overdo it because the quantity is limited. Instead, try to find a smart strategy and experiment until you win! Let's have a great rehearsal and enter the epic concert with impressive achievements right away!

Gameplay and controls

Music symbols can be combined horizontally and vertically. As long as they are at the same point in the above two directions, they can all cancel out. Note the falling features of the blocks to prepare for the most effective moves. Players just need to click on the area they choose to eliminate objects and get points. To use accessibility, select one of the two assistance rights in the right corner of the screen.

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