Mirror Dash Travel Odyssey

Admire the beauty of the beautiful cities around the world with Mirror Dash Travel Odyssey! In this game, players become a hopping square as he jumps around to avoid crashing into obstacles. In addition, the square is also capable of moving in two tracks, one above and one below! Think of the best track to progress and try your best to reach the end of every level!

Mirror Dash Travel Odyssey features fast-paced gameplay along with special elements that make it a little bit harder than the usual runner games. There are five levels in this game, with themes relating to countries around the world. This includes Egypt, Japan, France, Italy, and Britain. If players are confident in their skills, there are also statues scattered on both tracks of each level. Test your reflexes and quick thinking with this engaging game!

How To Play

Click the left mouse button to jump, and click the right mouse button to switch to a different track.

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