Monster Dash

In Monster Dash, it’s past midnight, and the monsters need to get home after a long day of trick-or-treating. However, without any guidance, they won’t be able to cross the roads full of danger. Look for the best opportunity to tell them when to run through the street one by one and help them get home safely!

If you want to try something that takes no more than a few seconds to get to know the controls and gameplay, don’t miss out on Monster Dash! All players need to do is observe the road until there are no dangerous obstacles in front of the monsters, so they can quickly run to the other side of the road. As simple as it may sound, if you are not patient, you may lead the monsters straight into the road full of vehicles by accident! With 50 quick levels, be the best leader the monsters have ever had!

How To Play

Click to make a monster run ahead.

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