Piano Tiles 3

Challenge your lightning speed in Piano Tiles 3, a music-themed game with an addictive experience. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the exciting music and start your round. Get ready for exciting and challenging moments as you try to keep up with the notes on the piano keyboard. With each note, the increasing tempo will require you to be more confident and focused than ever. Feel the rhythm and keep up the pace. You'll feel like you're experiencing a real musical performance without having to leave your home. This game promises to bring the most exciting challenges to your relaxing moments.

The variety in Piano Tiles 3 comes from the change of music after each turn you play. From there, musical notes will also appear in unpredictable positions. You can only practice so many times to break your own records and improve. At the same time, through this challenge, players can also practice their peak improvisational ability. The speed of the round can even make you dizzy. Don't be confused; enjoy the catchy music and the notes to create a perfect masterpiece!

How To Play

For single notes, you just need to click in the order they appear. If you encounter long musical notes, hold down the mouse button until the end of that measure.

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