Fury Dash

Challenge your eyes for detail with Fury Dash, an addictive tile-matching game in which players have to find tiles with at least three similar icons next to one another and make them burst! Combine tiles multiple times in order to achieve the Fury mode! With this mode, every tile you combine will create an explosion around it! What is your highest score?

Fury Dash features classic match-3 gameplay but makes it more exciting with additional power-ups. They appear after players have combined a certain number of tiles, which fill the gauge below. With this gauge, players can acquire these power-ups:

  • Color Splash: Click on one tile, and other tiles in the same vicinity will become identical to it!
  • Lightning Strike: The tile chosen by the player will appear randomly somewhere on the board.
  • Mega Fury: Every tile players click on explodes, regardless of type!

In addition, there are two game modes: Time Attack and Survival. Choose the one you like best and have plenty of fun with Fury Dash!

How To Play

Click to interact with the game.

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