Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based running game with 21 levels developed and published by Sweden-based developer Robert Topala's company, RobTop Games. In the style of classic platform games, you'll be in charge of a square figure that moves quickly through a stage. On your way, you will encounter a multitude of obstacles, falls, jumps, and traps that you will have to jump over at the right moment in order to continue your race towards the goal. Timing and rhythm will be the keys to this adventure.

The goal of this game is pretty simple: lead your icon to the end of the level map, avoiding all the spikes that come in your way. The catch is that those spikes can be hard to avoid, so the goal is easy, but the way to get there isn't at all. On your way to the end, you will go through many portals that will take you from one game mode to another. The variety of game modes is what makes this game so unique, and those are the game modes: cube, ship, ball, UFO, wave, robot, and spider.


  • Rhythmic Action Platforming!
  • Numerous stages with distinctive soundtracks!
  • Use the level editor to create and distribute your own levels!
  • You can personalize your character by unlocking new icons and colors!
  • Work on honing your talents in practice mode!
  • Numerous accomplishments and awards

How To Play

  • SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump.
  • HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump.
  • UP Arrow = Steer vehicle up.
  • DOWN Arrow = Steer vehicle down.
  • Don't touch the spikes, or you will have to restart!
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