Geometry Dash Bacon Invasion

Geometry Dash Bacon Invasion puts you in a battle of precise jumps and moves to avoid danger. You will step into a colorful and vibrant world, where everything is adorned with the attractive aroma of bacon. But don't let this strange taste deceive you, because a challenging and stimulating journey awaits. Players will have to face a series of obstacles and risky traps. However, don't worry, because as long as you stay focused and optimistic, you will have a chance to overcome all difficulties.

Discover the main map

This 5-star Hard difficulty user-level round from creator FerdeFunky features numerous character transitions. Because of this dizzying change, even though the pace of the challenge is not too fast, it is enough to make you dizzy. Immediately entering the red land with countless tall spiked columns, you will enter the first cube segment and quickly move on to the robot part. The ball, UFO, and wave sections then have constant terrain, with platforms on either side of the terrain narrowing the space.

Geometry Dash Bacon Invasion continues with a simple dual-block sequence that takes place in a narrow passage and transitions back to the cube at the end of the tunnel. The cube, robot, and wave sections are quite similar to the previous similar sections. The map changes to a series of tall columns in the ship, the UFO, and the ball sections at a faster speed. After a steady drop and slide, the player enters the level's only wave. The difficult double cube and the brief cube close out the Bacon Invasion round after three quick character switches. After falling from the cube's transformation portal, you need to wait for the main entity to reach the flat terrain above, then click the last turn to jump over the spikes and reach the finish line.

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