Geometry Dash Dance Massacre

Embark on an adventure in Geometry Dash Dance Massacre and enjoy incredibly difficult obstacle challenges. The thrill of each jump will make you dizzy with the rapid terrain changes. The 10-star Hard Demon difficulty partly reflects the challenge you face. This Hinds developer's user level will take you tens of thousands of attempts to conquer. Besides, 3 user coins scattered throughout the map are a valuable trophy for your achievements.

Explore the main track

Immerse yourself in the exciting music and begin the journey of Geometry Dash Dance Massacre. You will control a small cube that can transform shapes in a bright red neon map. The initial terrain will consist of many columns on both sides of the terrain. After switching to the ship state, you need to maneuver the character to move through extremely narrow passages to avoid a series of dangerous spikes. The pace of the round increases later with the ball part. Along with the vibrant rhythm, the shapes that look like dancing music notes will distract you.

Returning to cube form, your character will perform spectacular slides on closely spaced slopes. The wave segment with its characteristic structural design happens quickly and you enter the UFO section. Try to detect moving portals to have timely responses. Dance Massacre continues with the character's successive state transitions. This part requires players to have a good memory to become familiar with the terrain and try numerous strategies to overcome it. The round ends after a fairly long stretch of the ship flying through a series of square structures across the map.

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