Geometry Dash Dancefloor

Geometry Dash Dancefloor is an impressive cube adventure in the user-level game world of Geometry Dash. Rated with a 4-star difficulty rating and created by talented designer Diale, this game will be a real challenge for you. To truly conquer the game, you need to focus on discovering and collecting 3 user coins hidden everywhere. Let's explore it once!

Take a look around the map

Get ready for an epic dance performance in the opening segment of Geometry Dash Dancefloor! You need to control the main character to overcome obstacles that change color according to the rhythm, creating a gameplay full of excitement. When you move from the ball to the cube, you will see the first coin here. Next, players will enter the segment. It hides countless dangers with dense vegetation, wild animals, and natural obstacles such as pillars, rocks, and deep holes. When you get to the ship part where the creator's name appears in the background, maneuver the character to fly up to get the second coin.

The vibrant city awaits you in the next part! Finally, darkness covers, dark clouds roll, and danger lurks everywhere. On this mysterious night, you will pass through corridors with dangerous thorn fences. The double block segment requires superior skills to overcome the columns on both sides of the terrain. Dancefloor ends with a simple segment. You control the main entity to jump on orbs, run on slopes, and move through a portal that transforms into the ship. Adjust the object's flight through the jungle, collect the last coin, and reach the finish line.

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