Geometry Dash Miniature

Geometry Dash Miniature takes you to a tiny world built meticulously, pixel by pixel. Each level is a unique artistic picture with small but impressive details. You will need lightning reflexes and sharp maneuvering skills to be able to move through extremely awkward roads. This is a user-level game from creator Rabbitical (also known as IRabb2tI) with a 10-star Medium Demon difficulty.

The player will control an initial cube. After a series of changes in shape and map design, you need to be alert to have the most accurate commands. The game requires the player's high concentration and ability to press keys accurately. You can collide with danger in the blink of an eye if you let your guard down. Start at a steady pace so you can get used to the designs quickly. The speed will gradually change in segments with continuously changing terrain. In particular, pay attention to the ship part at the end. This is considered the most difficult segment to swallow of Geometry Dash Miniature. Although the length of the adventure path is not too long, it is enough to make you dizzy with the challenges it brings. Are you confident that you can defeat a demon?

How To Play

Depending on the character's status, players should quickly adapt to customize appropriate navigation operations. You click on the screen to let the character perform each jump. Remember to hold down the key to continuously jump evenly or change direction for the ship and the wave when necessary.

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