Geometry Dash Nefarious

Geometry Dash Nefarious is known as one of the hardest Insane levels in Geometry Dash. This map has a complex design, a high-speed moving character, and a density of obstacles. Only players with excellent skills and the ability to concentrate can conquer this challenge. If you are a passionate player in this fascinating rhythm universe, you will not be able to ignore this user-level game from Lemons. It's like the preparation for the overwhelming Demon levels.

Discover the main map

From the beginning of the level, Geometry Dash Nefarious challenges you with a series of adjacent spikes and some floating gears. The water level rises, and the character transforms from a cube into a spider with shocking jumps. A short distance later is a speed wave segment, but the space is still quite open. The ship then narrows its flight range with a moving wall of spikes and reaches the brief wave. Returning to the cube state and a robot section with a speed that shows no signs of slowing down, you need to jump onto high pillars and spikeless platforms to continue.

The character's constant transformation can then make you dizzy. A series of difficult segments take place in a short period of time on extremely narrow terrain. You need to pay attention to jumping orbs to make good use of your control commands. Some straight shooting sections can also cause players to easily distract and cause collisions. Can the explosive combination of sound, terrain design, and movement properties of each character shape satisfy you? To master Geometry Dash Nefarious, you definitely need to practice many times and perform many different tactical tests! Take the challenge now and test your skills!

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