Geometry Dash Scurvy

Geometry Dash Scurvy will immerse you in a keyboard battle with rhythm-based gameplay on complex obstacle maps. This user-level game from developer Skitten has a 7-star Harder difficulty. You will go on an adventure on remote sidewalks with a series of dizzying shapes and images. Be extremely focused because dangers are everywhere and can cause you to lose in the blink of an eye. The goal is to guide the tiny cube to the end, of course, without any collisions. Let's take a look at some key segments of Scurvy's map!

Explore the main track

The opening part of Geometry Dash Scurvy is the cube section. The appearance of animals will make your experience more interesting, but don't touch them. Players control the character to jump on platforms and rings to avoid spikes and not fall down. Your cube enters flight mode as the ship and the UFO for a short time. You need to direct the character to move up and down continuously to avoid high columns from both sides of the terrain.

After a brief cube part, players enter the robot segment with more complex shapes. Because each jump of the robot is very light, you need to choose the key press point a little later than the cube. The movement space continues to shrink in the subsequent cube and ball sequence. Adventure in the city with tricky structures; try to keep your ship and waves safe. Here we go with the acceleration part! The character's dizzying transformations are absolutely astonishing. If you can overcome this difficult journey, a glorious victory will welcome you!

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