Geometry Dash Tasks

Geometry Dash Tasks is the ideal entertainment choice for gamers who are familiar with the extreme challenges in the Geometry Dash universe. This is a user-level game by developer AMightyDuck with 6-star Harder difficulty. Besides, the map also has a unique user coin to help you prove your peak strength. What experiences will the unique rhythmic gameplay with vibrant background music bring? Let's explore now!

Take a look around the map

Geometry Dash Tasks start with cube segments; you need to click twice on the two arrows to avoid spikes. After touching a cushion, the character jumps and accelerates through the terrain of floating platforms and blocks. The ship part then has a constant speed. You need to navigate the main entity, avoiding spike walls and some moving blocks. Entering the mini-cube segment, you have to pay close attention because the platforms will move, making you dizzy. Don't worry too much because the ship then has quite a bit of space to move. In particular, when you reach a narrow passage, you need to control the cube to touch the blocks in front of the three barriers to open them.

The speed increases rapidly with the terrain full of sharp spikes. After the character changes gravity, click once to collect the only coin in the level and immediately land on the terrain below. Switching to the ball state, the object will quickly go through a similar path as before. After a speed shot of the ball and transforming into cube form, the object jumps up, and you need to accurately align the landing point at the last orbs to jump up, avoid the two spikes, and reach the finish line.

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