Impossible Lite Dash

Don’t miss out on Impossible Lite Dash if you are looking for a quick and enjoyable game to relax during your break! Lead the squared character through a series of spikes as he jumps from one side of the wall to the other. Will you be able to lead him to the end of the level safely?

Impossible Lite Dash is a simple yet immensely addictive hypercasual game that requires only one button to play. The player’s role is to decide when the character will switch between the walls. However, to make things more difficult, some types of spikes will stay where they are, while others will move as the character approaches them. Keep your eyes peeled for the screen in order to complete the levels!

How To Play

Click to make the character jump and switch to the other side of the wall. Beware of different types of spikes on your way. Complete each level in order to unlock the next one!

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