Neon Guitar

Neon Guitar invites you to participate in the battle of speed in lively music. In this creative music-themed game, you will face the ultimate improvisation challenge. The player's mission is to "hit" the notes in an exciting rock song. Just choose a difficulty level from easy to hard and start experiencing.

During each round, the notes will be converted into colored circles. To score, you need to press the exact key where these notes appear. Don't think about cheating by repeatedly pressing the keys at the same time. Your violation will also be recorded, causing the power bar to decrease. When this index returns to full red, you lose. Don't worry too much, because each time you hit correctly, your score will gradually increase. Continue until the song ends; your final score will be recorded. This point only changes when you break your own record.

How To Play

First, you need to choose one of eight songs on Neon Guitar's fixed list. Then, customize the difficulty according to your preferences or gaming level. Then, click on the yellow arrow icon in the right corner to start.

Your main gameplay loop only has four buttons corresponding to each main pad. The order of the pads from left to right is green, yellow, red, and blue. Their command keys are A, S, K, and L, respectively.

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