Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy

Super Friday Night Vs Beast Guy is a music-themed game that requires your great improvisational ability. In this enchanting musical world, you will play the role of a talented singer, ready to challenge any of your improvisational abilities. Each note appears as square blocks with arrows, requiring concentration and quick reactions on your part. They simply tune the music, but they are also the key that opens the door to victory.

The challenge is not just about keeping up with the rhythm but also facing magical challenges from Beast Guy. He does not hesitate to launch strange dance moves that are both scary and enchanting, creating unexpected obstacles for anyone. With enough focus and reaction, you will become the brightest star of this night. Let's dive into this musical adventure together and let everyone hear your voice above all else!

How To Play

Place your fingers on the familiar arrow keys. Then, use your best skills to quickly press the musical notes running on the screen in order. You will only have a limited number of key skips before the song ends. Remember that only when you win the round can you unlock the next level. The difficulty at each level will gradually increase, depending on the tempo of the song and the speed of the notes.

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