Super Pony World

Super Pony World: A world of adventures awaits you with enchanting challenges and mysteries. Step into the role of a cute character, and you will be led through lush forest paths with diverse terrain. Exploration is the key to unlocking the secrets hidden in this fairytale land. You can roam through every land, picking up sparkling coins along the way. Based on the level of completion, gamers will receive bonus stars. Some levels will require a certain number of stars to unlock.

But don't hesitate if you can't find all the coins. There is a certain amount of flexibility in unlocking levels, but don't forget that perfection will make the strongest impression. Finally, when you have overcome 30 different maps, you will officially become a true explorer of Super Pony World. Prepare for a non-stop adventure and enjoy every moment on the road to success!

Control your unicorn

You use the left and right arrows to direct the character's movement. To jump up, press the spacebar. Note some of the aids appearing in the main path, such as springs and some wooden boxes. These are the objects that help your unicorn have convenient terrain or create higher jumps to experience exploring the entire map.

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