Upside Down

Upside Down is an innovative platform game with exciting experiences on a cube journey. Players maneuver the character to explore different rooms, collect stars, and exit. The terrain design seems simple, but you will need many strategies to complete the mission. The attraction of this challenge is the terrain rotation feature. This means you'll be on an adventure in two dimensions.

In the world of Upside Down, passing each level requires not only talent but also hard work and strategic thinking. There are a total of 40 challenging levels; each level offers a unique challenge, with difficulty increasing little by little. From uniquely designed rooms to complex and trap-filled structures, your every move requires precision and careful calculation. Each room contains different secrets and potential risks; you must use your mind to find the most optimal way out.

How To Play

You control the cube's movement using the arrow keys. To rotate the room, press the Shift key. Black areas in the main dimension will require a gravity flip for the character to get there. Take full advantage of this feature to collect enough stars and win!

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