Geometry Dash Full Version

Hone your timing and jumping skills with Geometry Dash Full Version, a thrilling arcade game in which players need only one button to play! Become a tiny little character and help it get past any hazardous objects so it can keep on hopping forever!

In Geometry Dash Full Version, there are two types of challenges:

  • The Infinite Spikes: On a flat track, there are a series of spikes placed randomly. Try your best to jump through all of them for as long as you can!
  • Jumper: Hop through any obstacles placed in front of you! These can be spikes, platforms, or a combination of both!

You can access the best score in each challenge by clicking on the “trophy” icon next to it. Good luck and have fun!

How To Play

To make the character jump up, click the left mouse button. Press the spacebar to change the appearance of your character.

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