Danger Dash

Danger Dash begins with our trusty adventurer being chased by a group of fearsome tigers! To make matters worse, the road ahead is full of obstacles, from obstructing rocks to sudden twists and turns! How far will the adventurer be able to escape from the clutches of the tigers?

The gameplay of Danger Dash is similar to that of an endless runner game; however, there are a few features that will make your playing experience much more engaging! This includes the daily reward system, with which players will be able to get extra coins and unlock more characters. In addition, as players progress and save up the coins, they can spend them on various power-ups. Some are unlocked from the beginning, while others need to be purchased in order to be available for you during a run. For example, players can increase the multiplier bonus by one from the start, while they need to pay once to unlock the revival power-up. Be the best survivor in the lost city!

How To Play

Control the adventurer with the arrow keys.

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