Dino Rock

Dino Rock will bring you to experience music with new gameplay. Get ready to master a prehistoric band with talented dinosaurs. You'll need to keep up with the exciting notes dancing in the track to create the perfect song. It couldn't be more attractive, with its unpredictable speed and unexpected appearance of musical notes. Only when you complete the music in the most meticulous way can you attract more fans.

Each stage in this game will require players to perform challenges at different levels. Along with that, the difficulty will depend on the number of current fans. As a professional musician, you need to make progress with your band every day. With just simple keys, can you complete the song completely? Let's start Dino Rock's dinosaur world tour and hope you attract as many fans as possible.

How To Play

The main track of this game has three main drops with red, green, and blue notes (in order from left to right). To perform the task, you press the key corresponding to the notes appearing in each lane. The left arrow is for red, the down arrow is for green, and the right arrow is for blue.

You need to capture these notes in the order they appear. If there is a long syllable, players just need to hold down the corresponding key until the end of the note has passed.

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