Geometry Dash Chordy

Geometry Dash Chordy is a user-level game from creator Alkali with 5-star Hard difficulty. Enjoy signature rhythm-based gameplay, letting the music guide your breathtaking jumps. The player will have the task of guiding the character to avoid all obstacles and reach the finish line. If you want to complete the round to the fullest, in addition to the main goal, try to collect 2 user coins on the map. Let's clarify your adventure!

Discover the main map

Geometry Dash Chordy opens with simple cube jumps onto pillars and platforms to avoid spikes. Be careful to ignore the first blue cushion so you don't bounce and touch the spiked fence. After sliding over two small slopes, the character enters a UFO state. The terrain is now walls on two sides and some spiky blocks moving up and down. The silhouette then continues with a series of scattered cogs. At position 39%, you control the character to jump onto a hidden path with an arrow pointing in to collect the first coin.

Players enter the wave section with a constant round pace. You need to perform consecutive key presses and short breaks, repetitively, four times. Then there are the typical slopes that need to be spam-clicked and returned to cube shape. The ship sequence takes place in a somewhat more open space. At the end of the dual-ship part, you will collect the second coin. A double-speed robot and cube segment continues with complex cube designs covering the map. After reaching the edge of the last platform, you need to click once to make the character jump up and touch the blue jumping orb to leap to the finish line. Otherwise, you will fall to the thorn fence below and unfortunately lose.

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