Music Garden

Music Garden will take you into a magical world of music and charming flowers. This is not only a beautiful garden, but also a place where you can create and perform your own music. Do you believe that top-notch music can be created from these flowers? Your mission in this stunning game is to explore and create!

With ordinary objects, you can create wonderful melodies. Each flower represents a distinct tone, and you can adjust their frequency and tone to create unique sounds. Taking good care of your garden, watering, and caring for each flower to discover wonderful musical notes and create a unique piece of music that belongs only to you! Let the music bloom in your garden!

Discover the marvelous features

  • Music Garden is a combination of many gameplay styles: farming, creativity, and music themes.
  • The shapes of musical notes are beautiful flowers, helping your experiences become more new.
  • Participation is simple and you are free to be as creative as you like. There are no limits in this game.

How To Play

You click on the flowers to know the timbre of each thing. Then, drag and drop the entities to the middle of the screen to start composing your own songs.

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